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Predict, prioritize, and triage tickets with intelligent process automation.

Your AI-powered triage takes as little as 5 minutes to configure. Start for free. 

When an agent’s support in resolving a ticket is needed, our AI uses historical knowledge, sentiment, and intent to automatically predict characteristics, properly prioritize, and route to the right team.

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Forethought empowers your teams with efficient tools to engage and support customers throughout their journey, turning customers with questions into customers for life.

90% accuracy in ticket resolution with self-service
90% accuracy in eliminating spam
100+ languages supported

Intelligent predictions.

Our AI uses natural language processing to predict CSAT and other support case characteristics by automatically detecting and labeling sentiment on every case.

Instant tagging and routing.

Forethought instantly tags support cases, prioritizes critical ones, and then routes to the right team based on sentiment, intent, and language.


Spam detection.

Our AI has a 90%+ accuracy rate when it comes to deflecting and eliminating spam and repetitive tickets. Your agents can get back to delighting customers.

Pre-built classifiers. 

With Triage Quickstart, you can deploy pre-built classifiers for common customer concerns, so you can get up and running fast—no building from scratch.