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Reinforcement Learning & The Future of Conversational AI

January 25th, 2022. 10:00 AM PST. 


In this live discussion, we'll be reviewing Richard Sutton and Katya Kudashkina's recent paper, Document-editing Assistants and Model-based Reinforcement Learning as a Path to Conversational AI. 

  • What doesn't conversational AI mean?
  • What are open problems facing conversational AI?
  • How is Forethought utilizing conversational AI?
  • What is reinforcement learning?
  • Review real-life applications of RL and why these developments are important. 
  • What is a "document-editing assistant" and how does RL apply to these tools? 

"With Forethought, time-to-resolution can be drastically reduced, leading to better employee productivity and customer retention — resulting in improved revenue."