Improve Customer Experience & Agent Productivity with Human-Centered AI. 

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Forethought empowers your teams with efficient tools to engage and support customers throughout their journey, turning customers with questions into customers for life.

90% accuracy in ticket resolution with self-service
90% accuracy in eliminating spam
20% increase in agent productivity

Deliver Instant Answers with Smart Self-Service

Simple questions from customers deserve quick answers. Our AI automatically resolves simple, repetitive tickets, delivering convenience to customers and boosting CSAT. With Forethought Solve, wait times, tickets, and backlogs decrease.

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Predict, Prioritize, and Route to Accelerate First Response Time

For those with more complex questions or no time to self-serve, Forethought Triage ensures urgent issues get a human touch. AI uses historical knowledge to predict, understand sentiment and intent, and send the ticket to the right team.

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Turbocharge Agent Efficiency with the Right Information

Your teams hold critical information. Forethought Assist allows your support agents to tap into that, delivering relevant AI-powered information and suggestions from past tickets, knowledge bases, and time-saving shortcuts.

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Transform Your Entire Support Lifecycle into
One Seamless Platform 


Support Automation
Builds custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks or integrate into existing ones
Multi-Channel Support
Supports multichannel service for chat, email, and web
Improve Productivity
Improves agent productivity with suggested answers, smart search, and more
Analyzes sentiment and intent to predict with greater accuracy
Easy Deployment
Deploys fast with no manual model training necessary; AI starts learning in hours
Language Agnostic
Supports 100+ languages

How Forethought Is Changing the Support Ecosystem with True AI

Our AI powers customer support in a deeper way and applies to multiple channels—chat, email, and web. From resolving common cases instantly through self-service to accurately tagging and routing customers to the right agents, the platform empowers agents, delights customers, and drives efficiency. 

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Forethought Is the Support Solution That Makes Everyone Happier

When customers have questions, your interaction matters. It can either disappoint or delight. Your agents need tools and knowledge to deliver the best experiences. Our platform does both. With powerful AI, resolutions are faster, agents are better prepared, and you gain insights from data to improve every customer interaction. 

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